Where We Are
Holmfirth where Holmvalley is situated is in the county of West Yorkshire and it is famous as the setting for the BBC television series 'Last of the Summer Wine'. But it is also an area of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by the hills and close to the moors and The Dark Peak area of Derbyshire. There are an abundance of walks in the vicinity, ranging from easy to very tough.

My Ancestors
My 'Middleton' ancestors have lived around the Holme Valley for the past 300 years, so if you have a Middleton as an ancestor in this area you are probably related to me some how. The Middleton's from this neighbourhood have migrated to other parts of the world, such as the USA and Australia. 

Holmvalley is actually Viv Middleton's Kennel Club prefix

Viv has been an Obedience Instructor at several different training classes for many years.
She became a Kennel Club Obedience Judge in 1989 after undertaking several stewarding and scribe duties, up to Championship Class, and working 3 different dogs. She has been a Kennel Club Associate since 1994. She has been an instructor at Newsome & District Training Club and is willing to take dogs and owners for private lessons. This can be puppy socialisation, obedience or behavioural problems.


For those people interested in Genealogy or Family History the local society is, 'The Huddersfield and District Family History Society'. I am the Computer Data Co-ordinator for that society and as such I look after the societies data and write software for the HDFHS and other societies. To learn more about the HDFHS follow the link on the Genealogy menu. If you are a society looking for transcribing or searching software email me. You can find my address on the HDFHS website.
If you want to look at my Photo Galleries please go to the other Holmvalley website www.holmvalley.com.
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